2018 Race Schedule
Please arrive at venue at least 1 hour
before your scheduled start time


   Start Time


Time Limit

 Cut Off

100mile (162km) 6.00am
  Sat 8 Sep        30 hrs    12.00pm Sun
100km 7.30am   Sat 8 Sep     28.5 hrs    12.00pm Sun
100mile Relay ( 2-6 runners) 7.30am   Sat 8 Sep     28.5hrs    12.00pm Sun
54km Walk 2.00pm   Sat 8 Sep     22 hrs    12.00pm Sun
54km Run 2.00pm   Sat 8 Sep     12 hrs      2.00am Sun
33km Walk 4.00am   Sun 9 Sep     8 hrs    12.00pm Sun
33km Run 7.00am   Sun 9 Sep     5 hrs    12.00pm Sun
11km Walk 8.30am   Sun 9 Sep     3.5 hrs    12.00pm Sun
11km Run 9.30am   Sun 9 Sep     2.5 hrs    12.00pm Sun

Race Entry options and fees

Distance On-line Entry  On-line Entry TRAQ*  On-line Entry AURA*   Closing      Race Day
  Regular  members members  Date   Entry
100mile run $304.00 $283.00 $283.00 Aug 28 N/A
Pacer $50.00 N/A N/A Aug 28 N/A
100k run $185.00 $170.00 $170.00 Aug 28 N/A
100mile relay (2-6 runners) $360.00 N/A N/A Sep 06 N/A
54k walk $97.00 $86.00 $86.00 Sep 06 N/A
54k run $97.00 $86.00 $86.00 Sep 06 N/A
33k walk $63.00 $56.00 N/A Sep 06 $75.00
33k run $63.00 $56.00 N/A Sep 06 $75.00
11k walk $51.00 $46.00 N/A Sep 06 $61.00
11k run $51.00 $46.00 N/A Sep 06 $61.00

* AURA members will be required to provided country of citizenship with their entry

Race Fee includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner for 100mile and 100km solo runners
  • Specially designed Glasshouse Pottery mug for all finishers
  • Larger edition Glasshouse Pottery mug for all ultra distance finishers
  • Random Draws including Saucony Men and Women's trail shoes (value $220), and much more

Please Note:

  • Cut off time is 12.00pm Sunday for all events.
  • Runners in the 100km have 28.5hrs & 100mile individual event have 30hr time limits to cover the course.
  • Runners in the 100mile relay (2-6 runners) have 24 hours to cover the course.
  • Minimum age cut off is 18 yrs for all events except the 100mile relay and 11km which are both 16 yrs.
  • Categories are Male and Female only, no age groups.
  • Entries close for the 100km and 100mile close Aug 30 at midnight.
  • 50, 30 and 11.3Km events entries close Sept 7 at midnight.
  • BBQ : Entrants use their Race No as ticket for bbq when they finish.
    Family or friends given tickets ($15) if pre-paid unless volunteering in some way.

Important information for all Competitors
Glasshouse 100 : September 9-10, 2017

Thank you for entering the Glass House 100 Trail event. Please note the following points. This document is targeted at the 100mile and 100km competitors. All competitors should read this as there are sections that are relevant to the shorter events as well. Full event schedule is available as a separate document.

a) Registration – Will be at Beerburrum State School on Friday evening (4-8pm) for 100mile and 100km runners only or Saturday morning (5.00-5.45am) in an upstairs classroom.
    Please bring your E-ticket (copy of confirmation e-mail) and photo ID with you.
     For 100mile and 100km runners only,  Friday evening is highly recommended as there will be the course briefing and description  
    (including Q and A), and welcoming dinner.

b) Supplies – The Run Inn will have a mobile shop presence at the school. If you need gels, bottles, lights or something I haven’t mentioned contact us at 3356 3646 and we will endeavour to have it on site for registration. There are various townships crew will travel through on their journey to keep up with their runner. I list some, but not all:

Beerburrum Indian Restaurant - across the road from the school.
Black Squirrel Coffee Bar - across the road from the school.
Glasshouse 24 hr Service Station - Fuel and take-away.
Glasshouse Township - Everything you need: supermarket, chemist, etc. A small detour on the way to Checkpoint 6.
Woodford Township - Hotel, many eating places and supermarket open till 7 pm. Detour to Woodford from Checkpoints 7 and 8.
D'Aguilar Township - Pub, fuel and ice.

c) FOOD at BASE - Tickets for these will be issued on Registration (two per entrant – 1 for Friday dinner and 1 for Sunday brunch) and one for those family or friends paid for on entry. Others can pay at Registration, but it is recommended to pre-pay as extra meals, especially vegetarian, run out quickly.

There will be an overnight canteen facility with hot drinks and some recovery foods for finishers.

d) Camping An area on the School oval is available for Friday and Saturday camping for runners and crew. Please register first before setting up to pick up your designated spot. This year we will have spacing between rows to allow your vehicle access. Access will be from a back gate which is located at the rear of the Park next door to the School. Please park in the bitumen carparks until you have a numbered spot.

e) Crew of ultra competitors will only be able to travel on gazetted roads to checkpoints. This should only be done if you are familiar with the area. It is not the task of officials to direct crew. Any runner who is going to have crew should notify the Race Director of Name and Vehicle Registration by September 4. Only official vehicles are allowed on forestry roads. Crew can only give aid at checkpoints after the runner has left the official enclosure. No pets at checkpoints and children must be kept under strict control. Entrants are reminded that only one vehicle is allowed per runner.

The person/s driving this vehicle must fill in the details on the Registration Form for Crew at Beerburrum School on Friday evening ( 4-7pm ) or Saturday morning: Runner/s Number & name; Driver/s Name; Vehicle Registration Number and Mobile Phone Number/s. One vehicle can crew for a number of runners. The driver of that vehicle will then be given a copy of the event permit signed by the Race Director- a map and directions should be downloaded from the website prior to the day.

Drivers of crew vehicles should drive with extreme care on gravel surfaces (less than 40km/hr) as some of these roads are pot holed and runners may use some of them and do not want copious amounts of dust.

Crew are not being catered for re food and fluid at checkpoints so carry your own.

CREW MEETING: Any crew/official vehicles should park in the bays in front of or to the west of the school. Thus these should be empty once the runners leave for Chpt 3 etc. There will be a compulsory meeting of crew persons at the school after the 100ml/km runners leave at 6.00am and 7.30am. With the number of entrants this year Crew must obey all directions given. Failure to do so could lead to the disqualification of their runner.


The medical aspects will be coordinated by Peter Boardman, a Sports Trainer, Massage Therapist and Kinesiologist, who has worked in the medical aspects of Glasshouse Trail Runs since 1996.

Medical Form: All entrants have completed a Medical Form as part of their entry procedure.

Weight will be checked before the start when you are in your Running gear and it will be written on your Race Number. Your weight will be checked at Checkpoints 4, 7, 8 & 9. This is mainly a self-check for you but you will be advised to rest and rehydrate if you have lost over 3kg. Please ensure you arrive at least 45 minutes before the start on Saturday morning as we have 70 runners to undergo a Weight Check, mandatory Gear check and DROP BAGS have to be placed under the building.

Runners would be advised to carry a compression bandage in case of snake bite; blister and chaffing preventatives; salt tablets and a whistle. (Use long blasts on the whistle for being lost and three short ones for medical or other emergency). If you intend carrying a mobile phone with you please ensure the number is recorded when you pick up your Race Number. The Race Directors mobile no is 0481 134 054.

Course Coordinators Bruce 0481 134 054 and Charlie Hall.

g) Mandatory Gear –

Headlamp & spare batteries
Hydration pack
Rear light
Race number
Warm clothes
Drop Bags
Protective footwear
Mobile Phone
Protective pouch for map and compass
Space blanket


Drop bags are permitted at all checkpoints except 1 and 2. Entrants are advised to make use of drop bags for non-perishable food and fluid, running gear etc. Checkpoints will have Lemon/Lime Endura as the electrolyte. If you prefer another brand, it can be in your drop bag. Checkpoints cannot cater for all food needs. Some may have a better range than others. Soup/ hot drinks will be available for the night checkpoints 3, 4, 8 and 9. Lights and warm gear should be placed in a Drop bag one stop earlier than you think you need them in case you have a bad day and running behind schedule.

Please try to limit the size of your drop bags.

Western States suggests the size of a shoe box. Make sure your drop bags are clearly labelled with Surname (top line), Race Number (second line) and the checkpoint number (third line) as illustrated below:

They will be placed under the school at the designated spots in Race Number order. If entrants in the 100ml/km are not REGISTERING on Friday evening (4-8pm) then they should arrive at least an hour prior to the start time if they have drop bags to organise. A person will supervise this and a permanent marking pen will be available. Drop bags will be lined up in Race Number order at the checkpoints. The drop bags will eventually be returned to the same spots under the school beneath the Registration Room. Make sure you collect yours before 1pm on Sunday, 10th Sept.

There should be hot water available at checkpoints 3, 4, 8 and 9 for those who may wish to have packet soup or noodles in their drop bags.

i) All competitors must carry a water bottle or wear a hydration pack. In the past some competitors have taken the wrong course and travelled greater distances and no cups of water will be available at checkpoints (to minimise litter). Water bottles can be refilled at checkpoints but no plastic cups of water will be available. Failure to start and finish with a water bottle may result in disqualification.

j) Waste Disposal Each checkpoint will have a rubbish bin. Anything taken from a checkpoint and not ingested must be placed in the bin at the next checkpoint. There may be camping toilets for emergency use by entrants and officials at some checkpoints. There are Public toilets at the Mt Beerburrum Picnic grounds, Mt Beerwah picnic area and the Glasshouse Mts Lookout. Runners would be advised to carry biodegradable toilet paper in case of an emergency stop and depart the track and bury the waste. Do not litter the course.

k) THE COURSE IS MARKED WITH WHITE FLAGGING TAPE IN TREES, RED ARROWS TAPED TO TREES and WHITE ARROWS ON THE GROUND. The red arrows will indicate the checkpoint you are heading for. A white line across a track indicates you should not cross it, there is a right or left turn just before it. BE ALERT for MARKINGS at ALL TIMES. There will be crossover of some events out on course, so don’t assume all markings are for your event. Write the order of the checkpoints you are visiting on your race bib or arm.

l) In a few areas competitors may have to cross gazetted roads or follow them for a short distance. Care should be taken even though most are roads that have very minimal traffic. Illegal trail bikes are sometimes in the area so if you hear them coming move off the track.

m) Weight CHECKS will be made at designated Checkpoints for the ultra competitors on arrival and final departure.

n) Aid Station – If we encounter hot weather conditions on race day it may require an extra water station and this would be set up at an intersection along the dirt road that borders the Moreton Bay MTB cycle area on the Hudson Creek section.


A “Pacer” is defined as a “trail companion” who accompanies a Runner along designated sections of the trail. Pacers are allowed solely as a safety consideration for fatigued Runners in the night-time sections of the event. Pacers should be experienced trail runners in excellent physical shape and conditioned adequately to run long distances over sometimes rough terrain. Most pacing will be done during the dark hours of night and early morning, so Pacers should be warmly dressed and used to running using lights.

  1. Pacers are allowed in 100 mile, 100km and 50km events from 6:00pm - 6:00am and must withdraw at the nearest checkpoint at 6:00am.
  2. A Pacer must fill in an online entry form including medical details. If a Pacer requires Friday dinner or Sunday Brunch tickets these must be ordered when entering the race. Please nominate your Runner when entering.
  3. Pacers must be 18 years of age.
  4. Only one Pacer may accompany a Runner at any time.
  5. Pacers will register at the Base, Beerburrum School and collect a “P” plated number that corresponds with their Runners number.
  6. Pacers are responsible for their own transport to the checkpoint from where they are to start.
  7. Before Pacers can start from a checkpoint they must sign in with the WICEN radio operators.
  8. Pacers may join their Runner after 6pm Saturday until 6am Sunday morning. For most Runners this will occur at checkpoint 8, McConnell Rd.
  9. Pacers should be adequately supplied with lights, special foods and water and must carry the same compulsory equipment as the Runners they are pacing. Pacers are allowed to partake in foods and drink at checkpoints.
  10. Pacers are not permitted to “Mule” for their Runner. Runners must carry their own gear.
  11. Pacers are not permitted to run in or out of the checkpoints ahead or behind their Runner so as to hasten the re-fuelling stop. Runners and Pacers enter and leave together and get checked off by officials together. Pacers are allowed to help re-filling of water bottles and replenishment of supplies, but not carry the supplies for the Runner.
  12. If a Runner withdraws from the event the Pacer must also withdraw at the same place. Both must inform the Checkpoint Recorder of their decision before leaving the course.
  13. Any abuse of event Officials or Volunteers by Pacers will result in the disqualification of their Runner.


Checkpoint 5   2.00 pm Saturday

Checkpoint 7   5.20 pm Saturday

Checkpoint 6   6.45 pm Saturday

Checkpoint 4   9.15 pm Saturday

Checkpoint 8   2.45 am Sunday

Checkpoint 9   6.00 am Sunday

Checkpoint 3   10.00am Sunday

There will also be a cut off of 9.15pm for completion of the Swains section at Checkpoint 4. Any 100 mile entrant who has not completed by this time will either drop down to a 100 km event distance or withdraw. This will allow the runner to count as a 100km finisher but not receive a placing.

The revised running checkpoint order after the Swains section would be (4 – 3 – B).
CUT OFF FOR ALL EVENTS is Sunday 12.00pm.

Any competitor who it is deemed cannot make the cut off at any checkpoint may be withdrawn and returned to base.

All events finish through the School main front entrance at the end of the finishing chute. 


Some runners who don’t have accommodation nearby may need to rest at the school when they have finished, particularly if distressed. Thus ensure you have a mat or stretcher and sleeping bag or blanket at base. Crew should carry old towels and blankets/jackets in case their runner becomes distressed. There will be a shower available at the base, Beerburrum School but for 100 mile/km entrants who have no accommodation nearby only.

Note that the kitchen and Medical tent behind on the oval are for a Recovery zone only for 100ml/km entrants. You will be asked to leave if you spend too much time there.

s) Presentation ceremony. There will be 2 official ceremonies. An earlier edition for shorter events and runners who have to leave early to catch planes etc. and 12.30pm for the 100mile and 100km (This may come forward if all runners have finished before cut off time).

Mugs will be collected at the finish after competitors have had their finishing time recorded. Random Draws will be drawn and displayed on a board at the finish. Major Prize: Saucony Trail shoes to the value of $220 for both male and female competitors.

More comprehensive information on trail running in general and the Glass House Trail Events, plus results and some photos may be found
on the Glasshouse website on www.glasshousetrailseries.com or www.theruninn.com.au

Race Organiser/Race Director – Bruce Cook – 0481 134 054


The following table lists all section distances for each event and
checkpoint aid station information - Click below to view full-size table

Checkpoint Chart

Important information for all Ultra events: 100ml individual/100km/50km

It is recommended that all entrants take note of cut-off times and consider their level of preparation for their event.
* 50km and 50 mile events require a minimum marathon (42.2km) distance as a qualifier.
* 100km and 100 mile events require a minimum ultra-distance event (over 42.2km) as a qualifier.
All qualifying performances must be completed within 18 months before time of entry. The earlier you enter the event, the longer your qualifying period. All competitors must provide a completed medical form.