Flinders' Tour - Race Information

Date : Sunday 26th July, 2020

2020 Start times

Event                 Start         Time Limit       Cut off

52km Run           7.00am      7 hrs              2.00pm
26km walk          7.00am      7 hrs              2.00pm
26km Run           9.00am      5 hrs              2.00pm
13km walk          9.00am      4 hrs              1.00pm
13km Run         10.00am      2 hrs            12.00pm


All entrants must carry a water bottle or pack and finish with it. These should be refilled at checkpoints.

Ultra runners must complete a medical form when entering the race. Should there be any changes to your medical history between your entry and start time please inform the people at registration so they can update your record for our Medical Staff.

Ultra runners only: Your weight will be written on your Race Number and your weight will be checked when arriving at checkpoints.

All competitors : PLEASE WEAR YOUR RACE NUMBER ON THE FRONT to make it easier for recorders at the checkpoints and the finish.

  1. Runners, crew and spectators are to obey the direction of Checkpoint Supervisors. This is to ensure that all persons are accounted for in times of Emergency; e.g. Bushfire and other severe natural weather conditions.
  2. All persons will be held at the checkpoint until the danger passes or will be directed to safest exit route.
    Leaving an event without notifying the next checkpoint of your departure could put rescuers in unnecessary danger.
    (a) White flagging tape in trees and bushes.
    (b) Red arrows which will indicate which checkpoint you are heading for.
    (c) White arrows on the ground OR lines across track to indicate not to cross. (No ground markings are permitted in National Park areas.)
    STAY ALERT for these markings at all times particularly at intersections. If you have run for about 5 minutes and have not seen any of these markings you should backtrack. White lines may be placed right across track where there are critical turns. Do not cross these lines.
  4. It is recommended that all entrants take note of cut-off times and consider their level of preparation for their event.

    The 52km event requires a minimum marathon (42.2km) distance as a qualifier; within 18 months before time of entry. The earlier you enter the event, the longer your qualifying period.

  5. Do not LITTER the course. Anything taken from a checkpoint that is not edible should be placed in the rubbish receptacle at the next checkpoint. In case of a toilet emergency runners should carry some biodegradable toilet paper and depart the track and bury the human waste.
  6. Competitors do not have the right of way over any traffic you may encounter while crossing or following gazetted roads. Some Forestry or Parks and Wildlife tracks and roads will be closed using signs but there may be trail bike riders or 4WD vehicles which will ignore these. If you hear them coming, get out of the road.
  7. Ensure that any crew vehicles (only for ultra runners) park at Checkpoints so as not to block roads. Crew vehicles must follow gazetted roads only to get to checkpoints in most cases. These vehicles must not follow runners on forestry roads and trails. Children should be kept under strict control. 
  8. Pets are not allowed in National Parks so don’t bring them, as most of the GH trail runs will traverse a National Park somewhere. Fines are applicable and enforceable by QNPWS Rangers. Dogs are allowed in State Forests but securely attached to its owner on a lead.
  9. It is the responsibility of each runner to ensure their number is crossed off at each checkpoint. Failure to be registered as passing through a checkpoint may mean you are ineligible for awards. Report to the timekeeper before you leave the checkpoint.
  10. It is important you know the order of the checkpoints (write them on your race number if you cannot remember them). Normally the red arrows taped to trees will have a number on them indicating towards which checkpoint you are heading.
  11. Ultra entrants may have DROP BAGS taken Checkpoints 2 and 3. Ensure the bags are clearly marked with your NAME, Race Number and Checkpoint Number. A permanent marker will be available to put your number on after it is assigned.


  12. Remember to be polite and courteous to checkpoint staff as these volunteers are out there for considerable time for your benefit.
    You will be given a ticket that indicates your finishing number that will match you to the times on the print out tape. Take this to the finish table so your name can be recorded. It can then be swapped for your finishing mug.
    BBQ: Entrants will be given a BBQ ticket when they sign in. Any friends or family who are not competing will need to purchase their food ($15) unless they are volunteering to help in a significant manner. You should have pre ordered extra BBQ tickets on entry. Any vegetarians (must indicate on entry) will be given a special coloured ticket on collecting their Race Number. Without it you cannot get a vegetarian meal.
    (ii) Random Draw prizes will be placed on a board near the finish. Check for your name.
    (iii) Placegetters names will be placed on a board as soon as available and they can collect their medals if they are not staying for presentations.
  14. First Aid – There will be a FIRST AID kit at each checkpoint and there will be a Sports Trainer in attendance at some checkpoints.

Bruce Cook – Race Organiser – events@racepromo.com.au or 0481 134 054 on event day.

Competitor's Brief

  1. Race Numbers must be collected at the Registration table at Beerburrum State School from 1 hour up until 15 minutes before your event start time.
    Please bring your E-ticket (copy of entry confirmation e-mail)and photo ID with you.
  2. See MAPS PAGE for more detail and distances between checkpoints.
  3. All entrants must carry a water bottle or hydration pack.
    Checkpoints will not have cups of water. Cups are for electrolyte. Refill water bottle if necessary.
  4. Drop Bags – those entrants in the 52km may have clearly labelled drop bags taken to Checkpoints 2 and 3 if they hand them in by 6.45am.
  5. Please read the Instructions to Competitors sheet carefully. Copies will be available on the day.
  6. Ultra entrants (52km) must fill in a Medical Form at time of entry.
  7. More Comprehensive Information on trail running/walking in general can be found on the websites  www.glasshousetrailseries.com and 
    Results and possibly some photos will be placed on these websites as soon as possible after the event.
  8. Checkpoints - Fluid and Food – Each of the checkpoints 1, 2 & 3 will have water, electrolytes and sweets.  Base (for 52km only – turn around point only) and Checkpoints on the second loop for 52km runners will also have Coca Cola and potato (with salt) and fruit. Ensure your number is recorded at each checkpoint.
     If you are running in a large group into a busy checkpoint call out your number to be sure you are recorded.
  9. COURSE and Distances (Note that sometimes last-minute changes may be necessary due to weather or NPWS or HQ Plantations requirements). Course will be marked with Red arrows taped to trees or free-standing sticks, White flagging tape from trees and large white arrows on the ground.
  10. PARKING – This should not be a problem but car pool as much as possible and obey any directions given by parking attendants. Parking is on the western side of the school and in front.

NOTE : No early starts in any event.

CUT OFFS – Start of Loop 2 for 52k is 3hr 45minutes (10.45am)

Chpt 3 – 1.30pm    Chpt 2 – 1.00pm    Chpt 1 - 12.00pm

Race Director on day – Bruce Cook - 0481 134 054

Race OrganiserBruce Cook – 0481 134 054


If there are any crew vehicles they would be restricted to Chpts 2 and 3.

Checkpoint Details