Hares and Hounds -Race Information

Date: Sunday, 14th January 2018

Race Day Schedule: Registration for all events is at Woodford Pool, Peterson Rd.
Please bring your E-ticket (copy of confirmation e-mail) and photo ID with you.

2.30-3.15am          51km Solo        Registration                           6.00-6.45am       11km & 5km Run      Registration
3.20am       51km Solo     Race Briefing                        6.50am      11km & 5km Run     Race Briefing
3.30am       51km Solo     Race Start                        7.00am      11km & 5km Run      Race Start
3.30-4.15am       51km Relay     Registration                        8:00am       Breakfast     Catered BBQ from the
4.20am       51km Relay     Race Briefing                      Woodford Men's Shed
4.30am       51km Relay     Race Start               
                        11:30am       All events     Close off
5.00-5.45am      11km Walk     Registration
5.50am      11km Walk     Race Briefing
6.00am      11km Walk     Race Start

Entry Fees

All Glasshouse Trail Series events offer discounted entry fees to all Trail Running Association of Queensland (TRAQ) members.
At an annual membership fee of only $17.50 which includes Queensland Athletics Membership, we encourage
all competitors
to consider joining TRAQ.
Click here for TRAQ membership information

EVENT (age)      On-line standard entry
before Thursday 11/01/18     
Late Entry after 11/01/18         

Current TRAQ
In-person late entry up to 
15 minutes before race start   
51km Solo   (18) $92 $102 N/A
51km Relay (16) N/A $66 per runner                      N/A                     
11km Solo   (16) $54 $60                     $70                    
5 km Solo    (12) $45 $50 $60

Additional Breakfast $15 per person

INSTRUCTIONS TO COMPETITORS           Additional instructions for relay teams and their    
                                                                         support crews are at the bottom of this page.

  1. All entrants (except for 5km) must carry a water bottle or pack and finish
    with it. Ultra runners must complete a medical form as part of their entry;
    this is done as part of your electronic entry procedure (Medical Information Section). Their weight will be written on their Race Number and checked at
    Checkpoint 4.
    a) White flagging tape in trees and bushes.
    b| Red arrows which will indicate which checkpoint you are heading for.
    c) White arrows on the ground OR lines across track to indicate not to
    STAY ALERT for these markings at all times particularly at intersections.
    If you have run for about 15 minutes and have not seen any of these
    markings you should backtrack. White lines may be placed right across track where there are critical turns. Do not cross these lines.
  3. Do not LITTER the course. Anything taken from a checkpoint that is not  edible should be placed in the rubbish receptacle at the next checkpoint. Toilets are located near checkpoint 4 (Lookout). In case of a toilet
    emergency runners should carry some biodegradable toilet paper and
    depart the track and bury the human waste.
  4. Competitors do not have the right of way over any traffic you may
    encounter while crossing or following gazetted roads. There may be trail
    riders or 4WD vehicles (many illegal). If you hear them coming, get out
    of the road.
  5. Ensure that any crew/relay vehicles park at checkpoints so as not to
    block roads. These vehicles must follow gazetted roads only to get to checkpoints. These vehicles must not follow runners on forestry roads and trails. Pet should not be taken to checkpoints by crew persons and
    any children should be kept under strict control.
  6. It is the responsibility of each runner to ensure they have their number crossed off at each checkpoint. Failure to be registered as passing through
    a checkpoint may mean you are ineligible for awards.
  7. It is important you know the order of the checkpoints (write them on your race bib if you cannot remember them). Normally the red arrows taped to
    trees will have a number on them indicating which checkpoint you are
    heading towards.

  1. Ultra entrants (Hares) may have DROP BAGS taken to Checkpoints 2, 3 and 4 only. Ensure the bags are clearly marked with your NAME and Race Number and Checkpoint to be taken to.
  2. Remember to be polite and courteous to checkpoint staff as these volunteers are out there for considerable time for your benefit.
    i. You will be given a ticket that indicates your finishing number that will match you to the times on the print out tape. Take this to the finish table so your name can be recorded.
    ii. Any friends or family who are not competing will need to purchase their food and pay pool entry ($15 adults, $8 children over 6and under 12yrs) unless they are volunteering to help out in a significant manner.
    iii. Random Draw prizes will be placed on a board near the finish. Check for your name.
  4. First Aid – There will be a FIRST AID kit at each checkpoint and there will be a Sports Trainer in attendance.
  5. RELAYS- Change overs: For the teams of 3 or 4 the changes can be made near or at 1, 2, 3, and 4). Each member has to do at least two legs (there are 8 legs). For 2 person teams one member runs from the pool to Chpt 4 and the other does the return trip.
  6. Hares (50+ km) start at 3.30am and relays at 4.30am. 5/11 km start at 7am. 11km Walkers may start at 6.00am as we hope to have all entrants back at the pool by 11am. Headlamp/torch needed up until about 4.30am.
  7. Approximate distances: Pool to 1 = 5.8km; 1 to 2 = 6.8km; 2 to 3 = 8.3km; 3 to 4 = 5.8km.
  8. Note that the course may change if weather or forest harvesting requires it.

    At WOODFORD POOL please ensure you shower to wash off the trail dirt/mud before entering the pool.


Directions for vehicles: (One per team only)

Please refer to Crew Map at bottom of page

On leaving the car park at the pool zero your trip meter. Go to the end of Peterson Rd and turn left into Langer St followed by left turns into Nicklaus and George Streets. Turn right off George St into Golf Course Rd. After about 2.5km on the trip meter the bitumen ends, and a gravel road goes to the right. This is Beerburrum-Woodford Rd (B-W Rd). At about 3.1km on the trip meter turn left and at the first right turn intersection is Changeover 1 (3.3km).

Return to B-W Rd, turn left and at about 9.3km on the trip metre a gravel road goes to the right. This is Raaens Rd. Cross over the cattle grid and 100m further along at the open space on the left is Checkpoint 2. Again, please park sensibly before the checkpoint because later in the day this area could be busy. It is a favourite area for trail bikes.

Backtrack to the intersection with B-W Rd and turn right, pass the intersection with Woodford-Glasshouse Rds. and down the bitumen road. At the end of the bitumen, 13.1km on the trip meter take the turn to the right and park near the Mountain Bike Facility. This is Checkpoint 3.

Backtrack to the intersection with B-W Rd. turn left up the bitumen hill and this time turn right into Woodford-Glasshouse Rd (14.7km) and follow for a further 3.1km and at the intersection of Connection Rd about 17.8 km on the trip meter you arrive at Checkpoint 4 and Relay Change 4 (the turnaround point) and park in Connection Rd. 300m further along Woodford-Glasshouse Rd is Glasshouse Mts Lookout 589 and toilets if required.

Please drive slowly on the gravel roads and always park sensibly so as not to block roads which are at present in the best condition I have seen over the past few years. There will be other users out on these gazetted roads particularly later in the day.

Each Relay team should have a support vehicle (one only) and the expectation is that the support vehicle will supply the runner with any fluid or food needs, supplies at the checkpoints are mainly meant for the Hares who are doing the run without a support vehicle. Relay persons should not hover around the checkpoint and hinder the volunteers looking after those checkpoints. We have a limited number of volunteers at these checkpoints.

Once all the Hares have passed through the checkpoints on their way back the checkpoint may be closed. Anticipated latest Shut Down times are:

Chpt 4 – 7.45am; Chpt 3 – 8.40am; Chpt 2 – 9.50am.and Chpt 1 – 10.30am.

An event official will follow the last runners from 4 where possible to clear the markings on the course.


(Copy to be handed in to Race Officials at the finish)

TEAM NAME ___________________________________________

Contact Person______________________________ Team Number _______

Email ___________________________ PHONE __________________


A __________________________________




Indicate who ran the various legs (A, B, C, D)

Pool – RC1 (5.8km) _____________ RC1 – Pool (5.8km) _____________

RC1 – RC2 (6.8km) _____________  RC2 – RC1 (6.8km) _____________

RC 2 – RC3 (8.3km) ____________   RC3 – RC2 (8.3km) _____________

RC3 – RC4 (5.5km) _____________  RC4 – RC3 (5.5km) _____________