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The 2018 event is on Sunday, 13th May.

The Glasshouse 50 or Cook's Tour - based at Woodford is held on the Sunday closest to 17th May. Captain Cook named the mountains on 17th May during his voyage up the east coast of Australia in 1770.  The forest is an area NW of Mt Beerwah which has some great hardwood stands and native palm pockets dotted throughout. Terrain is open in some sections with new pine growth regeneration occurring but the route regularly ducks for cover to make this an interesting day / night out with spectacular views of all the mountains at daybreak.

The 50 mile starts at 3.00am with a 12 hour cut off. The standard 50km, 33km and 12km events remain for those not quite ready for 50 miles.

The Race Director and course organiser is Bruce Cook.


Glasshouse Trail Series Update. May 2nd, 2018
Cook's Tour changes:

It is with regret that we must inform competitors that due to very wet conditions in the region and extensive Forestry harvesting and maintenance operations there have been major course changes for this year’s event. We have re-routed the course 4 times in the last 2 weeks. Please peruse the new southern section map, checkpoint chart and course description. Take note of the following changes as some of these will probably affect persons training in the region for the GH100.

The changes are: -

1. No northern loop, 50 milers will do 2laps (50km and 30km).

Mawhinneys and Swains forest reserves are privately owned and leased to HQPlantations for growing of pine plantations. Over the last 20 years there has been extensive road damage done by 4WD’s to the extent emergency vehicles cannot gain access in the event of a fire. Both areas have now been closed to all public access, vehicular as well as on foot. No training is allowed in these areas which include GH100 sections Peachester, Cove Rd and Swains. Hopefully by the end of June I will have clearer course alternatives for the GH100. It may well be a 2-lap course.

2. Longer loop in the Blackrock Conservation area, heads west an extra km. Both the 50 mile and 50km will do this section.

3. Leaving Chp 1 heading south 1.6km to eventually link up with Raaens Rd. Do not take the Crew vehicles turn off which is only 700m south of Chp.

This replaces the original Woodford East section along the creek conservation area boundary, which is 30cm underwater, and the pine areas where major harvesting is currently in progress.

4. Track under telegraph line beside Raaens Rd, runners in both directions to link up Bracalba loops and Chambers Rd.

5. Bracalba west loop, will return to Chp 4 via the Road the runners started the loop on and not the recently constructed walking track as it is in a bad condition at present.

6. Eastern loop will be longer to return to Chpt 4 via McConnell Rd. and the walking track.

No “Cook’s Climb” this year, but I’m sure you will hate the replacement just as much.

7. Return journey to the pool via Chambers Rd.

No “Powerlines” this year either, as access to the area is affected by harvesting. This brings the 33km back to a 30km distance.

8. no changes to 12km event.

Most of these areas we have used in the GH100 in the past.

The crew vehicles will still use the same road as previous from Chp 1 to Chp 4. Please note your turn off is 700m south of checkpoint 1.

2018 Cook's Tour course options and entry fees.

Race Fee includes:

Free Pool Entry
Specially designed Glasshouse Pottery mug for all finishers.
Larger edition Glasshouse Pottery mug for all 50 mile and 50k finishers.
Random Draw prizes.

(Race Day entries for some events available - late fee applies, see table below)

Distance   Standard Entry TRAQ discount   Race Day Entry
50 mile run* $153.00                  $143.00 N/A
50k run $93.00                    $84.00 N/A
50k walk $93.00                    $84.00 N/A
33k run $63.00 $56.00
33k walk $63.00                    $56.00 $75.00
12k run $51.00                    $46.00 $61.00
12k walk $51.00 $46.00 $61.00

* In the event that fewer than 10 entries are received for the 50 mile run, this
distance will be made up from the 50k run course followed by the 33k run course.

Age Restrictions

12k : minimum age 16

All other distances : minimum age 18